I remember when we first talked.
You were rude, arrogant, pompous and annoyingly over confident. Claiming you bought a phone with my number in it didn’t make your first impression any better. I remembered we argued about anything, the weather, even semantics like we had known each other forever. If you had asked me then if I could look at you with a genuine smile and not a scary scorn I would have laughed in your face.

I remember the line between real and fake were blurry and life was in a constant battle to show us just how ill prepared we were to handle it. Insomnia was at its peak and for a chef, you had poor eating habits. I hated humanity and wanted to will myself into non existence but somehow it could never be. I think that’s when it all began though, the nurturing of hope for a happier life.

People who are choosing to never give up on anyone because they know what its like to be hurt by those who vowed to keep you safe, to find solace in your own company and to choose to live when there’s nothing worth saving the breath for.

Then I knew you had my back and 5 years later, I can still attest to it because that coincidental entwinning of our lives became the first garden we each ever had to nurture and it’s fruits are sweeter now than then.

So for being the one to untie the knot
The one to stay even when the show’s over
To reinvent yourself in order to always be there
And most importantly to be real even when you know it makes you vulnerable
You are an important part of my existence.

Next time you feel like being a jerk, remember I appreciated you more when you weren’t 😄


The return of Therese

Three years down life decides to test me with her very best. First Limeria finally gave in, Sello is making me fall in love with her. Mandy came back guns blazing and unrelenting. Fafa is being a good wife. Low is also galivanting my streets, Kim is also making things look good between us. Leah is still being a child. Most importantly the beautiful devil crossed my path, she didnt have to do or say a thing she just had to cross

It sounds and feels like a lot to make sense of and in all honesty it is. Man cannot do this and still be sane. I pause and step back to see thr bigger picture and i see a new character with every step back

Thesrese kept me far from here, understandable but unacceptable. I should be the maestro of my symphony but…for the first time i lost the reins and i think im headed for a rose garden

i will be sane when this torrent ends…

Before we forget, there is a superhero in town

enter Therese

Waking up to a handful of heartfelt good morning texts which mean nothing to me i have to pretend to be just waking up to every single one of them…even the lne from Leah which came at 8am…i wss already in the bus on my way to money. I have to keep up this charade because deep down inside i do not want to lose any of them…i kinda love them.

As the day goes by i wonder if i will ever settle down with anyone at all…am i cut out to b the boyfriend material, can i commit to anyone and actually give her all of what i can….i had to put a pin in this line of thought as i reply miss S like i am desperately in love with her 😂😂😂.

Mary is growing feelings from yesterday’s encounter and as much as she is part of my “herd” i cannot break her heart, i just have to put up with the act and make her smile once more

Oh and Therese is back!


So…i spent the morning with Limeria. She complained that if her boyfriend found out that i was busy warming my hands between her thighs he would probably kill me or worse. I laughed it off, and we shared a cup of tea kkkkk

On my way home i tried to call Leah and her phone was off…a good excuse to not be around her, she is still on my todo list though

Had planned to call Fafa but i went home in a car that i couldnt call in.

And Kelso had made me samoosas but i didnt see her.

The diary of a single niqqa


She texts me about her relationship problems and l decided to listen.

She pours her heart out and l end up giving her the girlfriend treatment, pampering her and queening her up and now she’s interested in my personal life and l let her get a glimpse,we get along well, staying in each other’s arms all day and ignoring other girls.

We never had this kind of connection since we became friends because she had her own relationship and l kept my distance but today she really opened up. I really did good by her

And l forgot to talk to Limeria or Kelso all day since my attention was all on Mary.

Another day in the life of a “single” niqqa